N Latex Cystatin C Assay

Assay for Early Detection of Decline in Renal Function

N Latex Cystatin C Assay

Assay characteristics

Assay principleLatex-enhanced immunonephelometry
Sample typeSerum, lithium-heparinized plasma
Sample Volume30 uL
Time to First Result6 minutes
Initial Sample Dilution1:100 (auto-dilution)
Standard Dilutions1:20 to 1:640 (auto-dilution)
Initial measuring range0.27 – 9.4 mg/L
Minimum measuring range0.06–1.9 mg/L
Reference range0.62–1.11 mg/L
Antigen Excess SecurityNo hook effect up to 42.91 mg/L
Reagent Onboard Stability5 days at 8 hours each (BN II System)
4 weeks (BN ProSpec and Atellica NEPH 630 System*)


*Not available for sale in the U.S.

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