How to improve cardiac scanning


Proper placement of the ECG lead is essential to provide a strong and stable signal. A bad ECG signal (see image 1) during the acquisition may result in a non diagnostic study.

Please take these precautions into account to provide stable ECG signals:

  • Fresh supply of ECG lead.
  • Skin Area must be shaved and cleaned with alcohol to ensure oil-free surface.
  • Check the ECG before scan start on the gantry and/or on the Trigger subtaskcard.
  • Ensure a tidy layout of the ECG cables along the patient side.

It is important to recognize a sub-optimal ECG trace. A good ECG signal has clearly-defined R waves and an identifiable diastolic phase represented by a flat line between the T and P waves (see image 2). Scanning with a sub-optimal ECG signal necessitates a repeated scan due to motion artifacts and poor image quality. Leading to an avoidable extra exposure for the patient.