Correlación de imágenes de IVUS con angiografía


IVUSmap, an optional application integrated in new Artis zee, Artis Q and Artis Q.zen systems with PURE®, maps each frame of an IVUS pullback to its corresponding position within the coronary tree of a reference angiographic image. After co-registration, the angiographic roadmap image is linked side-by-side with the corresponding IVUS images.
This allows to navigate in either modality while keeping track of the corresponding location. As a consequence, the localization of lumen and wall structure is readily available to support the diagnosis.
IVUSmap is the result of continued development efforts between Siemens and Volcano Corporation to bring co-registration to interventional cardiology. IVUSmap can be fully executed from the tableside control. The tight integration with Volcano’s s5i IVUS console ensures a seamless workflow including shared patient registration and automatic image data transfer.

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Nota: Es posible que se apliquen requisitos técnicos adicionales. Al recibir su solicitud, su representante local de Siemens le indicará si su sistema cumple con los requisitos.

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